Case Studies

We have included some examples in this web site of adding value to our clients that we hope you find interesting and helpful:

  • Cooling Tower Assessment
  • Do you need a cooling Tower (Water Saving Options)
  • Water Loss Case Study

    Our central goal is as a consulting & auditing group that is a totally focused on water related issues one that can offer you the maximum security and ROI in this area.

    We also offer the opportunity to integrate your requirements for example you may wish to incorporate your water auditing, Legionella risk in hot & cold systems and cooling tower risk assessments (RMP) / audits requirements. We also provide higher corporate level water treatment support services, KPI analysis, corrosion monitoring, regulatory compliance advice and expert witness work.

    Experience extends to potable, industrial water use, chemical application, boilers, trade waste and environmental / ozone technologies. We also provide and employ analysis and monitoring equipment, training and educational programs.